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This is the best of the worst, weeded out and picked over to see what I actually don't hate. I'm a terrible writer, but I sometimes feel the need, consequences be damned. So, hate it or like it, this is what you get. Please tell me what you think, though.

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Original Stories

White Rose - Okay, so we had to write a short story for grade nine English, and I was annoyed that everyone seemed to want to do something disgustingly happily-ever-after, so this is what came out (Spoiler: I created these characters to kill them. I'm not a nice person when angsting.). I rather like it, and may eventually re-write it, but don't hold your breath or anything. This is me, after all. Anyway, it's kind of a choose-your-own-gender deal, since it was for a class.
Beautiful - Another narrative piece with a slightly citrusy feel to it. This came out of an English journal entry in grade ten. It's better writing, and flows nicely. I think I worried the teacher with this one. =^_^=
Highways and Hangovers - So I had to submit something for Writer's Club and was inspired by, of all things, a Sentinel fic, and had an idea of how it should end before it began. They're cute, they're fluffy, they're slightly naughty: ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Jay and David. Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, anything with these babies is bound to be yaoi.
Mysterious and Suspiciously Transmitted Dementia - I hate hate hate chain letters, and people know this, but still I get sent them. Vaguely inspired by Miss N. Jay and David MST this one. There's a tiny self-insert, but I really hate those, so it's not really a big deal. Ling, Cat of Death, has a role, too. I dunno if I'll use these guys anymore, though. I've kinda got a comic-type anthology planned for the summer and I think I scheduled them for that. We'll see if it ever gets done.

Fan Fiction

A Strange Day, or The Outer Senshi Wander Into A Woodshed - Very, very old Sailor Moon fic inspired by a day teaching la maternelle with Katie-bunny at my elementary school. I don't know how long it'll stay, but it's cute enough that it amuses me, so I keep it here. My first fanfic, I think, and kinda yuri.
Memories  - I spent all summer writing this yuri Sailor Moon fic for Katie-bunny a few years ago. It survived drowning in a river, procrastination, erasure by magnet on the computer desk, and eventual loss the original copy. She read it a year after I gave it to her. Happy and angsty and personal, it's one of my favourites.
The Wrong Man Was Convicted - This is an example of how not to write. That's the only reason it still exists. It's a little sequel-y type thing for Time by KnM. Yaoi, of course; one of its saving features. The others are Wu and the Bare Naked Ladies.
Torn - Yet more proof that I am not perfect. Please learn from my example and never write like this. These two are not fics for reading. They are for laying down and avoiding.
Treize-sama's Twelve Days of Gundam Wing - So I'm trapped without net at my grandparents' house in mid-summer, I think, and I need something cute and yaoi to keep me going in a very Christian, very straight environment - no offense meant. I wrote it and sent it off and it seems to be people's favourite.
A Stroll Down Memory Lane - A tribute to my shame. I felt like doing something Slayers, since the only other Slayers fic, my first lemon and yuri to boot, kinda died. Garv and Valgarv are cute and fuzzy and tempermental. Heavily inspired by Harukami's fics.
100% Terylene - One of my favourite ties has this label on the back. I have no idea what the bloody stuff is, but it's durable and doesn't stain, and I was in a Yuu Yuu Hakusho phase, and this fic kinda wrote itself. Yaoi and ooc Hiei and Kurama.
BH Outtakes - Bakuretsu Hunters insanity by Harukami and neko. We spent several hours very late into the night watching a lot of anime. About the point where Katse's computer skills from AnK amused us to no end, we started writing, and spent the next few weeks on it. Some yaoi and some yuri, since that's what we like, and entirely silly and plotless. Pointless references all over the place, including Sailor Moon, Utena, Slayer, CLAMP School Detectives, Gundam Wing, Power Rangers, Mulan, Monty Python, Blind Date, Breaker High, Radio Free Vestibule, Laffin', a Pizza-Pizza commercial, some boys from my grade five class, and every cliché in the freaking book.
Long Way Down - So we had this nice little BESM game run by Harukami that came to a rather violent, bloody end, and there were two cute characters based on Musouka's own that really should have been going at it but weren't. My character hated 'em, but I liked 'em and I had promised Haru a fic. It's nice and short and achieves absolutely nothing. Yaoiness.
Akio and Yurimaru! - At school, they forced us to go to this assembly on organ donation. Harukami and I drew and wrote notes to our little hearts' content, and this illustrated "conversation" between Akio of Utena and Yurimaru of Miss Nightfall's Jigoku resulted. Art by Haru and text by me. Definitely yaoi.
A Midsummer Night's Dream - I saw this wonderful performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Grand one year where Oberon and Puck hung all over each other. I spent the next few days bedridden and inspired, and wrote this piece, which may or may not be part one of a series I'll probably never get to: Shakespeare in Slash.
Sine Sanitate - My latest and greatest shame is popslash. (Well, actually it's collecting Nick Carter pictures, but we don't like to talk about that.) Regina requested Chris/JC and Nick/Justin in a hotel bar for the DWNOGA Secret Santa Slash Project. Smut and not much else.


Masks - I don't know that I like it. It's old and kinda pointless, written for someone who couldn't care less.
An untitled poem - In that same grade nine English class, we had to write poetry, too. I had a thing for this girl - what else is new? -  and I wrote it mostly about her. It's only a little suggestive, but it's got something that I really like. It needs a name, though.
Soulmates - Again, an emotional piece written for a girl who didn't care, but it has some value.
A Single-Sided Figure - Bitter and angry and kind of summing up most people's feelings for unrequited love between friends, or almost-friends.
Gentleness - I dunno. I went through a time, as most girls do, where I was fed up with people treating me like spun glass that would shatter at any moment. Validated by a comment from my sensei at a test a year later: "Stop fighting like a girl!"
Another untitled poem - Another one that really needs a name. More bitterness and depression and false hope.
Only When It Rains - I wrote this in the same book as Memories, about the same time, then lost both. I kinda guessed and I think this is close, but not quite. I'd been going to use it for a manga, and may evenutally in that anthology. Who knows?
Goodbye - Okay, are we noting a theme? I seem unable to write happy things. All the bitter pieces previous are summed up and broken, pretty much. I may edit this later, cause I don't think I like the style.

Note: All of these files are mine, but I'm not too stingy and like publicity. Mail me and I'll let you use anything you want, okay?
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