neko-chan's Poetry

Not the best stuff you'll ever read by far, but I like poetry. I can write whatever crap I want and call it art.


A wall
Surrounding you
Protecting you
From the cruel world

You are always calm
Always wise
Always distant

I am young and innocent

Beloved sister
You needn't always wear your mask
For me

Untitled Poem

Thunder sounds,
Rain falls,
Lightning floods the night sky.

You turn to me
And smile.
Your gentle caress fills my senses,
Your  eyes are all I can see
As they sparkle with happiness.
I could drown in their depths.
I have.

And now,
With our hearts and souls
Bared to all those who would look,
While the crystal twilight surrounds us,
I fall in love with you again.


There are some who share a bond that runs deeper than friendship,
Deeper than love,
Deeper than hatred,
Deeper than blood.
Forged of eternity, this link between souls crosses all barriers
Throughout this life and the next.
Once two halves make a whole, they are forever intertwined.
Our hearts are bearers of this tie;
Our minds share an understanding.
Maybe sometimes we'll be sisters,
And maybe we'll be lovers,
And maybe we'll be enemies,
But we will always be together.

A Single-Sided Figure

I am hurting
and you hold me
I am screaming
and you hold me
I am sleeping
and you hold me
I am needing
and you hold me
I love you
I want you
I hate you
Let go of me


Gently . . .
Gently, now . . .
giving, taking
So careful . . .
Accepting, recieving
You needn't be so gentle

Untitled Poem

A shrouded figure
Crying, hidden in shadow
Help her up and dry her tears
Hold her close and reassure her
Smile at her and ease her pain
Leave her to die

Only When It Rains

You tell me that you love me
You want me for all time
But I have your attention
Only when it rains

You say you'll never leave me
You'll always be by my side
But the night is free of loneliness
Only when it rains

You tell me I'm the only one
She doesn't matter anymore
And yet you can be with me
Only when it rains

I can be yours and you can be mine
Only when it rains


You'll never know how very much you hurt me
You'll never see the scrapes and bruises on my soul
You'll never hear my cries of pain and loss
All my lust my love my hatred my hope
For you
Lost in the tattered remnants of my self-worth

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