The Wrong Man Was Convicted

By neko

Oh, gods. What is it with me and crappy Gundam Wing fics? Okay, so. The Wrong Man Was Convicted belongs to the Bare Naked Ladies and Gundam Wing belongs to someone else. Time, on which this is based, was written by KnM, and yes, I had her permission, but not theirs. (Yeah, right. Funny. Like anyone would let me write about them.)

Another songfic. I should be shot.

Who's lonely now?
Which one of us is suffering?

Heero wakes up, clutching at empty sheets. He sighs, remembering that he is alone. It has been several months, and still he is not yet accustomed to waking up without a certain familiar, smiling face next to his.

Who's in his cups?
Which one of us recovering?

He remembers those first few weeks, when he had tried everything to try to push those beautiful violet eyes filled with hurt from his mind--the mission, alcohol, near-suicidal piloting--nothing worked.

Who likes to look at pictures and cries but way too late?

He looks at an old photo album--mostly pictures of himself and Duo. The long-haired pilot clings cheerfully while he wears his customary scowl. Tears sting his eyes; irritably, he blinks them away.

Doesn't want to change a thing, accepting it was fate?

'It's for the best,' he thinks, trying to ignore that little voice calling him a liar.

The wrong man was convicted.
You know I did the deed.

From the shadows, Heero watches the cause of his meloncholy. Well, one of them, at any rate. Duo is seated under a tree, idly playing with his hair, a sad little smile one his pretty face. Suddenly, Wufei walks into view, and Duo brightens visibly. Heero feels a curious pang of jealousy and hurt. Once, those eyes softened only for him. Now, he couldn't get the memory of Duo's wild, frightened eyes and Wufei's protective, disapproving glare out of his mind.

I thought that you would wait for me,
Your wants I needn't heed.

He watches, glaring balefully, as Wufei engaged Duo in an animated conversation, something he had never done. Odd, but he used to despise the inane chatter, viewing it as a waste of time. Now he wishes he had participated, if only because it made Duo happy.

The wrong man lies beside you
And waits for you to wake.
And all because I lacked convition,
The judgement's my mistake.

Wufei sits, Duo's head pillowed in his lap, watching the American sleep. "Ai shiteru, Wu-chan," Duo mumbles, half asleep.

Wufei smiles and whispers "Ai shiteru, Duo," snuggling closer.

Heero's heart breaks; he is positively seething with jealousy. Ai shiteru, Duo.

Who's breathless now?
Who only hyperventilates?

He remember lying in bed, breathlesss and exhausted; falling asleep in Duo's arms, only to leave him the next morning.

Who'd die for you?
Who's dying inside anyways?

His heart constricts at the thought of Duo self-destructing; if he had to choose between Duo's life and his own, he knows he'd have no regrets of dying. It would be his fault, anyways.

Which one of us is sunshine and which one's growing dim?

The five gundam pilots sit in the few minutes between sunlight and darkness. Trowa, Quatre, Duo and Wufei watch the setting sun, snuggling respectively. Heero, disgusted, sits apart from them and faces the approaching night.

Two men dream of you at night--do you just dream of him?

Heero shifts restlessly in his sleep, his dreams replaying all the time he spent with Duo--or rather, all the time Duo spent with him--remembers the American's eyes when he looked at Wufei; he knew who that boy's subconcious mind showed.

Who's lonely now? Who's reaching out to no-one?
Who's lonely now? It takes one to know one.

Duo reaches for him, begging for his affection, instead being turned away. Then he mimicks Duo's actions as the smaller pilot flees.

I changed my mind.
You said that I could change it back.
I wanted space.
Now change has fallen through the cracks.

'Even though I kept rejecting him, he always came back . . . Until it became too much for him to bear. Ironically, it was that last time that I decided to tell him what I really felt . . . But it was already too late. I had been too distant, too cold. I had lost him.'

If I'm again beside your body, don't tell me where it's been.
It's a cruel unusual punishment to kiss fingerprinted skin.

Heero imagines himself with Duo again, but cannot believe that another has touched his lover, and that it was because of him.

The wrong man was convicted.
You know I did the deed.

'I'm sorry Duo . . . I was wrong . . . I lied to you. It was my fault. I don't deserve you, I never did . . . but . . . I love you . . .'

I thought that you would wait for me,
Your wants I needn't heed.

Feeling more than slightly guilty, and knowing he deserved it, his mind replays all the brush-offs, the cold rejections, and he finally accepts that it was not surprising Duo had left him. 'I just assumed he'd keep coming back . . .'

The wrong man lies beside you
And waits for you to wake.

Heero sneaks into Duo and Wufei's bedroom, leaning over to kiss his once-lover one last time, accidentally waking the Chinese boy, who moves to Duo's side, looking quite possessive.

And all because I lacked convition,
The judgement's my mistake.

"Calm down, Wufei," Heero whispers. "You needn't wake him. He's yours." With that statement, he turns and walks out of their lives. Forever.

My mistake.

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