Initial Misconceptions

Okay, yeah, I've accepted it. I'm never going to update this page as much as I'd like to, but I don't want to let it go. It's a reminder of everything leading me to where I am now: the anime, manga, and online slash that held my interest for four years. Thus, this page becomes a reflection of me as I reflect on the initial misconceptions I've clung to.

So I'm moody at times, humourous at others, awkward and clumsy a lot, and talking far too much for my own good. Even so, please enjoy my Initial Misconceptions.


Post Script: Since Hotmail has decided that it is absolutely necessary to sell my address to every spam list out there, I will soon be abandoning the account, I think. So, until such a time as I create a new account, hopefully to toss all this onto, anyone wanting to contact me should please do so by signing the Guestbook or poking at my livejournal. It'll take a while to change the links afterwards, too. Thank you! Wish me luck on convincing Rogers to love me!

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