A Strange Day or The Outer Senshi Wander Into A Woodshed

By neko

Dude! I'd almost forgotten this one! Signs I haven't updated or done site maintenance much? Eheheh . . . Why is this here? Well, it's my very first fanfiction (it shows), so it's got some sentimental value.

It was a lovely day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing.

Then, the serenity of the scene was broken by a motorcycle roaring along and screeching to a halt in front of a turquoise-haired woman.

"Oh. Hi, Haruka," Michiru said absent-mindedly.

"What's with the enthusiasm all of a sudden?" Haruka asked with more than hint of sarcasm.

"Sorry, love. I just can't decide which rose bushes to plant where."

Just then, a kawaii little girl with purple eyes came running out of the house.

"Hello, Haruka-papa. Setsuna-mama has been helping me learn this song for choir." She held up the sheet music proudly.

"Yes," Setsuna came out of nowhere, as she often did, much to the annoyance of her family. "It's called ‘Sing for Hanukkah'."

"Sing for Haruka? Okay..." Michiru teased, but was stopped by getting an elbow in her side.  *

Suddenly, an omnipotent voice boomed: "I am Oz, the great and powerful."

Caught off guard and somewhat worried that some freak with a megaphone might be hidden in their garden, the brave four ran, screaming, to hide in the nearby woodshed. The door was flung open, revealing a youma.

"Oh, it's just another daimon," said Michiru. "Nothing to worry about."

"Um . . . Guys?" ventured Hotaru. "Shouldn't we transform now?"

In response, the others called out their henshins:

"Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!"

"Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!"

"Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!"

Hotaru, who had no real transformation to speak of, just sort of changed. The end result was the four Outer Senshi, standing there, calling upon their weapons.

Imagine their surprise when nothing happened.

"Shimatta!" Uranus swore. "I forgot. They're in the shop."

"I guess we'll just have to make do with what we have," Pluto suggested, gesturing towards the garden tools stacked against the wall.

While they grabbed their 'weapons,' the youma decided to introduce herself.

"Hi! I'm Meghan!" she said in an all-too-perky voice. "I'm afraid I have to kill you."

"I think not. Space Spade Blaster!!!"

Meghan easily side-stepped the attack, and the ones following it.

"Subterranean Reflection!!!" Neptune shouted, using the Deep Aqua Trowel.

"Dead Screen," came a whisper and a glowing ball of tangled purple wires.

"This is really embarrassing . . . Silence Rake Surprise!!!" A tremor was sent towards Meghan-the-youma, and then exploded into dead leaves.

"Pathetic!" she said, sounding a little too much like Zoisite.

"She's really annoying, love. Let's put her out of our misery."

"Love?!?! But you're both girls!"

"So what?" Uranus asked, more than a little annoyed.

"But that means that you're . . ."

"Lesbians?" Neptune finished for her.

"Why do you have to be lovers?!?! Couldn't you be sisters or cousins or something?!?" the youma asked both hopefully and hysterically. "Why do you have to be . . . lesbians? Ew! Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew . . ."

"Oh shut up! Earth! Earth! Dig! Dig!" **

"Well, that worked," Hotaru noted. "Who do you think she was?"

"Weren't you listening? That was Meghan-the-really-annoying-youma," said Setsuna.

"I meant, who sent her?"

"Dunno." Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at Setsuna. She always knew everything, though very few were willing to listen.

Finally, out of necessity, they started breathing again.

"Let's go get lunch," Setsuna suggested. Everyone agreed.

And so ended another day in the lives of the Outer Senshi, fighting stereotypes of closed-minded people everywhere.

* Tired, uncaffienated neko + predawn + choir practice = wonky song titles.

** Cantonese dub of ‘World Shaking!': ‘Earth! Earth! Sky! Sky!'

Many thanks to Katie, who helped with attacks. Gardening with her and la maternelle (since I can't spell the English) inspired this. Oh, and dear Meghan belongs to herself.

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