Long Way Down

By neko

Haru wanted Nikemo/Taka, so . . .

Brief note and disclaimer: The versions of Nikemo and Taka here are from a BESM game run by Harukami, but she's using them with permission from Musouka, whose characters are quite a bit different. =^_^= Confusing enough, yet? Oh, and Nikki is fifteen, and Taka is twenty-four. Shotakon fun.

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Taka sighed. It had been a long day. Lately, in fact, all of his days seemed to be long and tiring. The theft of the seal and his own kidnapping were just the beginning; everything seemed to be going wrong. Who could have known being a chairman was so difficult?

His thoughts drifted to soft blue hair and bright green eyes. Well, he thought, maybe not everything. No matter how hard things were, Nikemo was always bright and cheerful for him, full of love and hope and promise.

He wondered idly how he was going to keep his promise. As he grew older, the boy became steadily more demanding, pushing the limits of their relationship. There were still nearly three years yet until Nikki's eighteenth birthday - still three years a minor, even then - and he wasn't at all certain he could last through the boy's insistence and teasing. He loved Nikemo dearly and wouldn't let anything hurt him, not even in passion.

Greeting his secretary, he opened the door to his office and smiled at the sight before him. Nikemo was curled up in the large desk chair, having fallen asleep waiting for him as he often did. Pale blue hair framed his face, full lips parted slightly in a small smile. The boy really was sweet. Gently cupping the sleeping face, he bent to kiss him awake.

Lashes fluttered as green eyes slowly opened. "Taka-chan . . ." The voice was soft with sleep. "Hello . . ."

"Good afternoon, Nikki. Did you sleep well?"

Nikemo nodded smiling brightly. "I wanted to wait for you. You've been working so hard lately, and you need to relax." He curled one small hand around Taka's neck. "You're so tense . . . Would you like a massage?"

"Thank you, Nikki. That would be wonderful." He shrugged out of his jacket and treched out along the couch. "How was your day?"

"Pretty good," Nikemo answered, straddling Taka's hips and kneading the muscles of his shoulders. "I aced another math test today."

"Wonderful! We should celebrate."

"But, Taka-chan, I always do well in math."

"All the more reason for you to be rewarded."

"But I didn't do anything special!"

"Are you saying you don't want to go for dinner?"

"I can think of something better . . ." The hands slowed, softened, carressing as Nikki softly kissed the back of his neck.

"Nikemo . . ." Taka sighed as he turned to look at the boy. He had hoped that they could just have a quiet evening together without teasing or innuendos. Nikemo was sweet and beautiful and everything Taka could ever want, but he was so young! Taka was determined to wait, no matter how tempting immediate gratification might be. Intending to push away, he threaded his fingers through pale blue hair. Nikki took this as an opportunity to move closer, nuzzling Taka's neck and resting his knees to either side of Taka's chest.

"Taka-chan, please . . ." he breather into the rijichou's ear before kissing it.

"Nikemo, wait. We can't do this."

"I love you, Taka-chan. Don't you think we've waited long enough?" He kissed him again briefly before pulling back. "We don't have to go all the way. I know you want to wait for that. But . . . Can't we just stay like this awhile? Don't you want me at least that much?"

Pulling the boy down to his chest again, Taka answered, "I love you, too. It's not that I don't want you, just that I want to be sure you're ready, when we get to that point. I don't want to hurt you."

"You'd never hurt me, Taka." Nikemo smiled sweetly at him. "I do understand what you're saying. We'll wait for that. But in the meantime . . . hold me?"

"Always." With one hand behind his head and the other at his back, Nikki was drawn close for another kiss. Moaning softly, he slid his hands down to carress Taka's chest through the thin dress shirt. The kiss deepened, bodies fitting comfortably together. Nikemo encountered a nipple and Taka shuddered, sliding a hand up the back of the black uniform shirt.

Kissing his way down Taka's neck, Nikki unbuttoned the rijichou's shirt before continuing the trail to the nipple he'd teased at. As the muscular torso beneath him arched up, he curled an arm around and ran his fingers along Taka's back.

They had never been this far before, and Nikemo was making half of it up as he went along, but he always felt safe and warm and loved when he was with Taka. Despite their promises, desire was beginning to assert itself, and he was growing impatient. He knew that Taka's resistance was wearing thin, but still he pressed the issue, demanding more.

"Taka . . ." he whispered, massaging the muscles of Taka's abdomen. Pleasure coursed through his veins, solidifying at the juncture of his thighs, and he wanted to share it. He wanted desperately to please Taka, to return some of these wonderful feelings. He rocked his hips, pulling at his shirt. "Ohh . . ." Taka helped remove the shirt, then curled his hands around Nikemo's shoulders, pulling him down for another kiss.

Watching that trembling body, that smooth skin, those eyes slitted in pleasure, Taka felt his resolve crumbling again. Nikki looked so sweet, felt even better, and seemed to want this so much . . . But Taka couldn't, wouldn't take advantage. He'd waited four years already; he could wait three more. He knew he had to stop this before it went any further, before need outweighed reason. He could deny Nikemo very little at this point, and feared that if he did not withdraw now, he would lose the ability to say no.

They were interrupted by a low beep and his secretary's voice. "Megane-san? Nikemo-san is with you, correct? His brother has called to remind him to be home in time for dinner." The connection ended.

Saved by the bell, as it were. While the secretary had been delivering her message, Nikemo had paused and relaxed against him. Now, Taka shifted them both to sit up.

"I shouldn't keep you any longer. Katsumi-kun will be waiting for you." They both knew what Katsumi would assume if Nikemo was late coming home, what had nearly happened today.

Nikki nodded sadly, then brightened. "Would you like to come for dinner, Taka-chan?"

"I wouldn't want to impose . . ."

"Nonsense! You're always welcome! And besides, didn't you promise to have dinner with me, earlier?"

"Yes, but . . ."

"But, nothing! Come on!" so saying, he dragged the now-dressed rijichou to the door.

Taka sighed, accepting that he would be fed. This afternoon would remain with him, taunting him with sensual fulfillment denied. One day, they would do as Nikki wanted.

For now, they would eat together like a normal family.


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